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What is a Comprehensive Energy Assessment

Our Comprehensive Energy Assessment can be used to make your home healthier and energy efficient. Accurate Energy Audits is trained to find the things you cannot see or are not aware of that affect your home performance. We take a complete "Whole House" approach to energy efficiency, so if your home is too cold or drafty, in the winter, too warm in the summer, or has excessive moisture problems, we can help you identify them so they can be fixed.  This can make a substantial difference in your energy bills.

Having us come to your house is also an educational experience as we explain the building science practices behind your problems so you understand them. We will show you simple ways for you to save substantial energy and money. The full diagnostic assessment takes an average between two to three hours.

The Comprehensive Energy Assessment Includes:

A small out-of-pocket expense can help save energy and lower your utility bills

Comprehensive Energy Audit Assessments:
$350 - Homes up to 3,000 square feet
Additional charge for each 1000 square feet over 3,000 is $100.

Thermal Imaging Assessment Only 
$150 - Includes a whole house inspection with the infrared camera looking for
moisture or missing insulation with printed pictures.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Homeowner Beware

An important thing to remember is that not all energy audits are equal. The services range from home inspection companies that offer energy tune-ups as part of their inspections to a full-time professional performance-based contractor like us with a BPI Certification for new and existing homes.

Be aware that some companies are offering very cheap or free audits only to get their foot in the door to sell you inflated services later. Be sure the auditor is working for your best interest. Be sure the certification your auditor has is aimed toward your home.

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