What a Home Energy Audit Entails

Accurate Energy Audits conducts energy audits to test your home’s performance. We take the “Whole House as a System” approach, so if your home is out of balance because of leaks, moisture, or temperature it cannot only effect your indoor air quality, but make a substantial difference in your utility bill.

We are trained to find the things you cannot see or are not aware of that affect your home performance.

Our inspection, blower door test, and infrared imaging give you a complete picture of your home performance. After performing diagnostic testing, we provide a detailed report so that you can make informed decisions and spend your money wisely.

Option 1: Walk Through Energy Audit

The least expensive Home Energy Inspection option includes a complete visual inspection of your home. We look at your home from basement to attic to find places where you can make improvements. We show you simple and inexpensive ways for you to save energy and money. All walk through audits include a carbon monoxide (CO) test of all gas-fired appliances. You will also receive a two-page summary of our findings. The audit usually takes one to two hours. If you decide to upgrade to a full diagnostic audit you will receive a $50 credit.

  • $150

Option 2: Full Diagnostic BPI Audit

Following a client interview in the home to find out any outstanding issues (too hot, too cold, drafty), we inspect the outside for caulk, sealing, grade, and general condition. The full diagnostic audit takes about three to five hours.

We conduct blower door test to accurately measure the leakage and infiltration of your home, and do a complete thermal image of your whole home. We do health and safety testing and review your utility bills.

  • $350 – For homes up to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • $450 – For homes 3,000-5,000 sq. ft.
  • Call for quotes for homes 5,000+ sq. ft.

Blower Door: The blower door, which is temporarily installed in an exterior door frame, acts like a giant whole-house fan intensifying the pressure and airflow out of the home. This makes leakage very easy to detect.

Thermal Imaging: A.E.A uses FLIR B-50 infrared cameras which are high resolution digital cameras with picture in picture so you have a clear understanding of where the image is being taken. We scan the entire home while the blower door is operating so we can accurately detect where your air leaks are. We also look at the exterior of your home for insulation defects.

BPI refers to the Builder Performance Institute. They are the leading developer of technical standards for home performance and weatherization retrofit work that are recognized across North America. Accurate Energy Audits has been fully trained in BPI energy efficiency standards and holds the BPI Certification.

Accurate Energy Audits can refer you to qualified contractors to do your improvements after conducting a full audit or we can assist you if you prefer to do it yourself. Most of the improvements can be completed in a few business days so you can start saving money right away.

Homeowner Beware

An important thing to remember is that not all energy audits are equal. The services range from home inspection companies that offer energy tune-ups as part of their inspections to a full time-professional performance based contractors like us with either BPI Certification for existing homes or RESNET (for new homes.)

Be aware that some companies are offering very cheap audits only to get their foot in the door to sell you inflated services later. Be sure the certification your auditor has is aimed toward your home.

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